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Methanol Chemicals Co. announces to Invites its Shareholders to Attend the ( First Meeting ) Ordinary General Assembly Meeting

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Introduction The Board of Directors of Methanol Chemicals Company is pleased to invite the Company’s shareholders to attend the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting (first meeting, and second meeting will be held after one hour if quorum hasn’t been met) on Wednesday 28/10/1442 H. Corresponding to 09/06/2021 at 7:00 pm. The meeting will be held via modern technology provided by Tadawulaty to ensure the safety of dealers in Stock Exchange Market and within the efforts of supporting the preventive and precautionary measures of the relevant health authorities to address the new Corona Virus (COVID-19) and as an extension of the continuous efforts exerted by all governmental authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in taking the necessary measures to prevent its spread.
City and Location of the General Assembly's Meeting Company Head Office – Jubail Industrial City
URL for the Meeting Location https://www.tadawulaty.com.sa/
Date of the General Assembly's Meeting 2021-06-09 Corresponding to 1442-10-28
Time of the General Assembly's Meeting 19:00
Attendance Eligibility Each shareholder registered in the Company’s Shareholders Register maintained at the Depository Center at the end of the trading session preceding the General Assembly Meeting shall have the right to attend the Meeting as per the Rules and Regulations.
Quorum for Convening the General Assembly's Meeting As per Article (33) of the Company’s Articles of Association, “the meeting of the Ordinary General Assembly shall be valid only if attended by Shareholders representing at least one quarter of the share Capital. If the required quorum is not satisfied for this meeting, a second meeting shall be held one hour after the expiration of the designated period for convening the first meeting. The second meeting shall be valid regardless of the number of shares represented therein.
General Assembly Meeting Agenda 1- Voting on the Board of Directors' report for the fiscal year ending on 31/12/2021.

2- Voting on the auditor/s report on the Company’s accounts for the fiscal year ending on 31/12/2021.

3- Voting on the financial statements for the fiscal year ending on 31/12/2021.

4- Voting on the discharge of the Board members from liability for the fiscal year ending on 31/12/2020 G.

5- Voting on appointing the (auditor/s) for the Company from among the candidates based on the Audit Committee's recommendation. The appointed auditor/s shall examine, review and audit the second, third, and fourth quarters and annual financial statements of the fiscal year 2021., and the first quarter of the fiscal year 2022, and the determination of the auditor's (s’) remuneration.

6- Voting on delegating to the Board of Directors the authorization powers of the General Assembly stipulated in paragraph (1) of Article 71 of the Companies Law, for a period of one year starting from the date of the approval by the General Assembly or until the end of the delegated Board of Directors’ term, whichever is earlier, in accordance with the conditions set forth in the Regulatory Rules and Procedures issued pursuant to the Companies Law relating to Listed Joint Stock Companies.

7- Voting on the Standards of the Competition of the Board Member with the Company’s Business (Attached).

Proxy Form
E-Vote The shareholders can remotely vote on the General Assembly Meeting’s agenda via E-voting service through Tadawulaty website: www.tadawulaty.com.sa., The registration in Tadawulaty service and voting is provided free of charge for all shareholders. The remote voting will start on Sunday 25/10/1442 H Corresponding to 06/06/2021 at (10:00) am, and the voting will end once the Ordinary General Meeting ended.
Eligibility for Attendance Registration and Voting The right for registering to attend the Meeting ends at the time of the Meeting, and the attendee’s right to vote on the meeting items ends when the Counting Committee finishes counting the votes.
Method of Communication Shareholders inquires and questions will be received starting from Sunday 25/10/1442 H Corresponding to 06/06/2021 via email: osaeed@chemanol.com or phone - 0133438008.

Please note that to accept the inquires, a shareholder is required to send a copy of his identity.

Additional Information Remote voting will suffice
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General Assembly Meeting Agenda