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Mobile gaming market in Middle East likely to exceed $4bn next year

Mobile gaming market in Middle East likely to exceed $4bn next year
Middle East accounts for 23% of the global gaming industry

Mubasher: Approximately 100 million people in the Middle East use mobile gaming, with the industry across the region expected to reach $4.4 billion by 2022 compared to $1.06 billion in 2016.

The region’s mobile gaming market grew 25% in 2020, Orient Planet Research said in a recent report. The measures taken to stay at home following the COVID-19 outbreak last year led to more people turning to mobile games.

There is a prediction that the industry would continue its upward trajectory, with experts forecasting that the segment would triple in size in the near future.

The Middle East accounts for 23% of the total global gaming industry. Experts predicted that the regional mobile gaming market would own up to 1.5% of the global gaming market revenue in the coming five years.

Saudi Arabia ranks 19th in terms of gaming revenue with $837 million. The country will likely achieve more growth at an expected compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.5% in the next five years.

The UAE currently held the 35th position in terms of gaming revenues in 2020.

Globally, mobile gamers recorded a leap of 84% in installing more apps during the pandemic. In terms of advertising, mobile gaming ad impressions increased by 57% while revenues jumped 59%.

General Manager at G&K Consulting, Asem Galal, noted that it is a multi-billion industry with a highly enthusiastic audience, describing it as a winning formula for more growth and development.

The Middle East region is recognised as the fastest growing online gaming population worldwide.