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Aramco, KAUST, Hyundai team up to develop e-fuel

Aramco, KAUST, Hyundai team up to develop e-fuel
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Riyadh- Mubasher: The Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco) has partnered with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and Hyundai Motor Group to jointly research and develop an advanced fuel for an ultra-lean burn engine to cut vehicles’ carbon emissions.

The two-year collaboration seeks to develop and test e-fuel, synthesised from green hydrogen and produced by water electrolysis using renewable electricity, on hybrid vehicles, according to a press release on Wednesday.

Aramco will benefit from its advanced fuel technology to create a formulation, while Hyundai will offer the research team its ultra-lean-burn gasoline engine.

Meanwhile, KAUST will supervise the modeling and verification of technologies, including engine testing, through the Clean Combustion Research Centre (CCRC).

Aramco’s Chief Technology Officer, Ahmad Al Khowaiter, said: "The Aramco team provides fuel design and blending know-how to improve Hyundai Motor Group engine combustion performance and the outcome could lead to the application of synthetic e-fuels."

Furthermore, the Executive Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group, Alain Raposo, noted: "BEVs and FCEVs will be Hyundai Motor Group’s ultimate technologies to achieve carbon-neutral mobility, while eco-friendly ICE technology that combines eco-friendly fuel and ultra-lean burn engine will be the key to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions during our transition to EVs."