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Saudi Yaqeen Capital launches DirectFN’s NTP

Saudi Yaqeen Capital launches DirectFN’s NTP
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Mubasher: Yaqeen Capital, formerly known as Falcom Financial Services, has launched Next Generation Technology Platform (NTP) in collaboration with DirectFN to be coinciding with the market-wide go-live of PTTP (Tadawul).

Through DirectFN’s NTP, Yaqeen Capital aims to launch client-driven services and seamless market-wide regulatory compliances, according to a press release.

The new platform will be focusing on introducing highly innovative new digitalised services that are complying with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. This is expected to be carried out by uniting expertise and innovation that would lead the future of investment banking in the Kingdom.

The new platform deployment focuses on brokerage management as well as asset management system and central CRM. NTP aims to empower its clients by providing them with fintech-style simplified serving concept across brokerage, asset management, and value-adding services.

Managing Director of DirectFN, Walid Al Balla, said: “We are honoured, humbled, and excited to serve Yaqeen Capital gaining power of DirectFN NTP as new bottom-up build platform. Bringing Yaqeen clients and internal staff with user-friendly digital experiences; current-era optimized Brokerage Management System running onto in-memory computing OEMS engine; together with best possible quality introduced with the new built-in self-check control (NTP test-cases automated management) and built-in monitoring (Falcon).”

Al Balla added: “Completing with full-fledge Asset Management system and value-adding tools as end-to-end new platform – ready for today with a holistic-focus for futuristic expected growth in the Saudi Stock Market.”

CEO of Yaqeen Capital, Moath Alkhasawneh, commented: “It gives great satisfaction to be fully live with a modern-era technology platform and stands fully complied to PTTP”.

Alkhasawneh noted: “We believe there are endless possibilities to be achieved through the next generation of innovation and technology. Simply: this go-live is a major step in our mission of making digital advancements that help us place our clients at the centre of everything we do. Yaqeen Capital today looks to the future with a new innovative platform, modern e-presence, reliable systems, and a partner to trust. We stand agile and confident with open-minded vision to provide smart-era servicing with fresh relevant technology bringing new excellence in serving Yaqeen Capital’s clients by meeting and exceeding their financial objectives.”