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PALESTINE TELECOMMUNICATIONS(PALTEL) held its Board of Directors meeting on 24/01/2023.

PALTEL PALTEL -1.26% 5.50 -0.07
Meeting Status : Meeting hold
Meeting Content Meeting Decision
Company Symbol PALTEL
Currency JD
ISIN Number PS5002111951
Meeting Date 24/01/2023
Meeting Day Tuesday
Meeting Time 11:00
Meeting Location Ramallah
Meeting adjourned Time 13:00
Meeting Chairman Sabih Taher Darwish Masri
Meeting Recorder Fuad Zarour
Is there Material Disclosures on the Agenda? Yes
Company Financial Statements Yes
Dividends Yes
Last Updated Date of Agenda 12/01/2023 04:56:21 PM
  • Approval of the minutes of the previous meetings no. 5 and 6 for the year 2022
  • Chairman opening remarks
  • Internal audit report
  • Review of the preliminary consolidated financial statements for the year 2022
  • Discuss the distribution of cash dividends for the year 2022
  • General Assembly meeting date and agenda
  • Other issu.
  • Approved the minutes of the two previous meetings
  • Viewed the audit report
  • Viewed the financial performance summary of the preliminary financial statements of 2022
  • The Board of Directors has decided to hold the 26 General Assembly Meeting on20/3/2023 in Ramallah.
  • The Board of Directors discussed the dividends for 2022, and their desire to distribute the same as last year, which is 0.40 JOD for each share, equivalent to 40% of par value, and since the financial statements are still under revision by the external auditor, the Board will make its final recommendation on that regard in its next Board meeting which will take place before the General Assembly meeting.
Board Attendance
Palestine Development &Investment Co.Ltd/BASHAR FAIQ ASAD MASRI Deputy Acting Chairman of the Board Personally Attended
Sabih Taher Darwish Masri Chairman of the Board Personally Attended
Arab Supply and Trading Co. ASTRA/Ammar AbdelMonam Fouzi Aker Board Member Personally Attended
Cairo Amman Bank/Yazid Adnan Mostafa Mufti Board Member Personally Attended
Birzeit Pharmaceutical Co/Talal Kathem Abdullah Nasereddin Board Member Personally Attended
Palestine Development &Investment Co.Ltd/Abdallah Elias Abdallah Sabat Board Member Personally Attended
Palestine Development &Investment Co.Ltd/Laith Muneb Rashid Al-Masri Board Member Attended Through Video Conference
Arab Bank Company/Mohammed Ahmad Khaled Masri Board Member Personally Attended
Al-Maseera International Company/Zahi Wadih Khoury Board Member Personally Attended
GMS Holdings/Mughith Ghiath Munir Sukhtian Board Member Personally Attended
Aswaq for investment portfolios/Fadi Azzam Sabri Dweik Board Member Personally Attended
None Board Attendance
Abdulmajeed Melhem CEO
Ibrahim Kharman Deputy CEO
Abdelnaser Altibi CFO