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UAE’s ADDED partners with Valeo Egypt to endorse mobility sector in Abu Dhabi

UAE’s ADDED partners with Valeo Egypt to endorse mobility sector in Abu Dhabi
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UAE – Mubasher: The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) has teamed up with Valeo Egypt through a strategic agreement to develop the industrial sector.

Under the collaboration, Valeo will be able to design and manufacture electric and autonomous driving car components in Abu Dhabi, according to a press release.

This step is expected to improve smart and sustainable mobility besides contributing to the development of transport industries.

The partnership further aims to boost the industrial solutions development community and cooperate with the local startup electric vehicle (EV) companies.

Meanwhile, Valeo will explore new development areas through the integration of its advanced technologies and sustainability vision in green cities.

The partnership between the UAE and the Egyptian entities will enable the creation of a technology hub in Abu Dhabi for EV and autonomous driving car components.

Executive Director of UAE’s Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Arafat Al Yafei, said: “We look forward to acting on this agreement with Valeo as part of our ongoing efforts to achieve the ambitious objectives of the Abu Dhabi Industrial Strategy (ADIS).”

Al Yafei elaborated: “This cooperation to develop smart mobility and set up a technology hub for electric, autonomous car components in Abu Dhabi is in line with our initiatives to ensure that growth, sustainability, and advanced technologies go hand in hand in all aspects of our socio-economic development.”

Group Technical Center Vice president, and Valeo Egypt General Manager, Tamer ALY, commented on the partnership by saying: “I am really happy about this MoU signing that allows Valeo, the market leader in design and producing high technology automotive components for autonomous and electric cars, to have a footprint in Abu Dhabi to avail their components and technologies to the rising up automotive industry in Abu Dhabi, and as well transferring this experience to the high tech and advanced education societies in Abu Dhabi.”