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Shariah-compliant crypto Islamic Coin fuels global expansion via KuCoin listing

Shariah-compliant crypto Islamic Coin fuels global expansion via KuCoin listing
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Mubasher: Shariah-compliant cryptocurrency Islamic Coin announced its listing on KuCoin, one of the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, according to a press release.

The launch, which took place on 10 October 2023, marks the first of a series of listings for Islamic Coin.

Founded in 2017, KuCoin supports over 1,200 cryptocurrency trading pairs and 700 coins. It has been marking its position among top platforms, with more than 30 million users globally and a whopping $30 billion in trading volume in a single day.

Mohammed AlKaff AlHashmi, CEO of Islamic Coin, said: “We are excited about this milestone and look forward to building more relationships with leading exchanges throughout the world, in order to bring the benefits of Shariah-compliant finance to the Muslim community and beyond.”

Islamic Coin, along with the HAQQ blockchain built on a proof-of-stake mechanism, features eco-friendly characteristics that align with the UN's objectives to lower energy consumption and boost access to financial services.

Both Islamic Coin and its underlying Haqq Network secured a strategic partnership with London's DDCAP Group to facilitate seamless integration with more than 300 global Islamic lenders.

They also reinforced collaborations with key entities, including Fambras, the largest global Halal certification agency, and Sushi, a prominent decentralised exchange on the global stage.

The ecosystem also encompasses Pyypl, one of the Middle East's largest payment applications, and the world’s leading home-swapping service Holiday Swap.