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Travellers through Kuwait International Airport now offered multi-currency ATM by KIB

Travellers through Kuwait International Airport now offered multi-currency ATM by KIB
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Mubasher: The listed Kuwait International Bank (KIB) has installed a new multi-currency ATM at the Kuwait International Airport to offer a smoother and more integrated experience for its customers without the need to visit any of the KIB’s branches, according to a press release.

Cash withdrawal transactions can be completed in four different major currencies, namely the UAE dirham (AED), the Kuwaiti dinar (KWD), the US dollar ($), and the British pound (GBP) at KIB’s multi-currency ATM which is located at Jazeera Airways Terminal 5 (T5).

KIB’s Assistant Manager – ATMs, Retail Banking, Ahmad Abdullah Alanazi, said: “We are currently witnessing fast-moving transitions and successive developments in the banking market with every passing second. This pushes us to continuously renew the definition of a convenient and easy banking experience.”

Alanazi added: “Committing to our motto and main vision ‘Bank for Life,’ we continue to monitor and keep abreast of all new technologies that we believe can contribute, directly or indirectly, to enhancing our customers' banking experience and ensuring the quality of services suited to their modern lifestyle.”

KIB’s official further noted that the banking sector in Kuwait affirms its keenness to provide practical solutions in order to meet customer requirements and exceed their expectations in line with utilising modern financial technology.

The Kuwaiti lender’s customers can still use its network of ATMs available all around the country. The bank offers basic banking operations, including cash withdrawals and deposits, transfer of funds between accounts, PIN management, and cardless withdrawals using civil IDs and mobile phone numbers.

KIB, which was founded in 1973, also provides credit card payments through its ATMs, as well as services like activating new cards, subscribing to the SMS banking service, and redeeming KIB points for cashback rewards, besides refilling its prepaid cards.