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Mubasher unveils 1st Investor prizes for US market edition

Mubasher unveils 1st Investor prizes for US market edition

Mubasher: Mubasher Global has revealed the prizes for the winners of its 1st Investor January 2024 competition for traders in the US stock market, dubbed as U.S. Markets Virtual Stock Trading Competition.

There were three winners of this monthly contest who received cash prizes worth a total value of $4,000 that were distributed by Ehab Rashad, the Vice Chairman of Mubasher Capital Holding.

Said Abdul-Hameed was the first-place winner who was given a $2,500 prize, while Karim Ramzy came in the second place and received a $1,000 prize.

The third-place winner was Adnan Mohamed Ali who got $500 in cash.

Meanwhile, the most active members of the investors community received a combined of $1,000 that was distributed as $200 equally for five winners; Youssif Maher, Michael Farag, Mohamed Samir, Ayman Mohamed, and Khaled El-Sayed.



Ayham Mardini, US Stock Market Manager at 1st Investor Program, commented that the competition aims at bringing together both traders and analysts in one platform, where investors can be exposed to the recommendations, analysis, and discussions they need.

Mardini added that the cash value of each prize aims to encourage the participants to trade and test their skills.

He noted: “The competition offers an opportunity to those who want to learn how to invest in the US stock market in addition to giving the traders and experts the chance to apply any recommendation in real.”

Mardini stated: “During the contest the prices are real and trading takes place in official hours only.”

January 2024 was the fourth month for the competition, which kicks off on 1st of every month until the end of it. It is worth noting that more participants are taking part in the contest which makes it the biggest competition in the Arab region that allows trading in the US market, according to Mardini.