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Telecom Egypt, Huawei launch 1st 50G PON trial in Africa

Telecom Egypt, Huawei launch 1st 50G PON trial in Africa
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Cairo – Mubasher: Telecom Egypt and Huawei completed the first 50G PON trial in Africa as a part of the long-term cooperation between the two entities, according to a press release.

50G PON is the latest fiber technology that provides up to 50Gbps/s with upgraded and secure broadband usage for both consumers and businesses. It is developed to work seamlessly with the Optical Distribution Network (ODN) on optical devices, which will pave the way for future development.

The partnership marks a seamless evolution of the PON network, providing solid foundations for the large-scale deployment of 50G PON.

Telecom Egypt and Huawei will continue to contribute to the joint technology innovation of 50G PON to boost the digital transformation in Egypt.

Mohamed Nasr, Managing Director and CEO at Telecom Egypt, commented:  “The 50G PON is a pivotal technology that supports Telecom Egypt’s strategy to upgrade network infrastructure and establish a more adaptable broadband infrastructure foundation.

“The deployment of 50G PON will also help Telecom Egypt to sustain our leadership position in Africa,”  Nasr added.

Jim Liu, CEO of Huawei Egypt, stated: “Our commitment is steadfast in developing and enhancing the technological infrastructure to match with the continuous and significant increase in broadband usage rates in Egypt.”

“This commitment not only enhances the quality of service for consumers and businesses but also aligns seamlessly with Egypt’s digital transformation strategy,” Liu continued.

As of 30 September 2023, the EGX-listed firm recorded consolidated net profits valued at EGP 9.15 billion, an annual hike from EGP 6.17 billion, including minority interest.