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Informatica launches Saudi Arabia’s 1st AI-powered IDMC platform

Informatica launches Saudi Arabia’s 1st AI-powered IDMC platform
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Mubasher: Informatica launched its AI-backed Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) in Saudi Arabia, which was the first in the Kingdom, according to a press release.

The investment includes developing a new point of delivery (PoD) in Riyadh in line with the company’s objectives to support local, scalable, and cloud-first data management services.

This step anchors Informatica’s presence in the Middle East after the launch of its first regional PoD in Abu Dhabi in 2023.

The investment also aligns with Informatica’s commitment to backing the Saudi government’s Vision 2030, which includes digitally empowering all sectors of the economy.

According to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the cloud computing sector is expected to double in size over the next three years, adding $13.30 billion to the Kingdom’s GDP.

Jitesh Ghai, Chief Product Officer of Informatica said: “By having a significant cloud, data, and AI presence in the Kingdom, we will be providing organisations with an in-country AI-powered data infrastructure to run their cloud-based technology solutions.”

“This can enable them to unlock the value of their data while ensuring that it remains secure, well-governed and in the region,” Ghai added.

Yasser Shawky, Vice President for Emerging Markets at Informatica, commented: “Through adopting a cloud-first approach, governments will be able to innovate and make informed decisions based on the wealth of data at their fingertips.”

Shawky highlighted: “This is a major step forward for the country, and we are looking forward to playing a role in advancing the leadership’s vision to transform the Kingdom into a data-driven state.”