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BBS Technology boosts cybersecurity solutions in MENA

BBS Technology boosts cybersecurity solutions in MENA
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Mubasher: BBS Technology, a developer of next-generation cybersecurity solutions, provided companies in the MENA region with enhanced solutions to avoid cyber-attacks sponsored by global states.

Chairman of TITLE at BBS Technology, Bedir Sarı, said: “The global digital economy is projected to reach a staggering $20 trillion by 2025. The impact of cyber-attacks can be far-reaching, affecting the security, economy, and politics of nations as they target vital national security infrastructures and critical industries.”

IBM’s findings underlined that the average cost of cybersecurity breaches for businesses in the Middle East increased to $8 million, which marked the highest level in a decade.

Meanwhile, business owners in the MENA region are expanding their investments in cybersecurity.

Gartner predicts a rise in cybersecurity expenditure, with a projected 12% surge by 2024 to $3.30 billion.

Sarı concluded: "We are fully equipped to address the advanced and comprehensive cybersecurity needs of companies in the MENA region, regardless of their size.”