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Market Announcements

Raya Contact Center (RACC.CA) - Board of Directors' Meeting Minutes
Trading Executions: Trading Session 22/10/2020
Memphis Pharmaceuticals (MPCI.CA) - Board of Directors' Decisions
Resume of Trading on Commercial International Bank (Egypt) (COMI.CA)
Release from Telecom Egypt (ETEL.CA)
Golden Coast Company (GOCO.CA) - Release Concerning a Disclosure Form
Alexandria Flour Mills (AFMC.CA) - AGM Minutes (after Certification)
Release from Assiut Islamic Trading (AITG.CA) Regarding the AGM
Release from Egypt Aluminum (EGAL.CA) Concerning the AGM & EGM
Wadi Kom Ombo Land Reclamation (WKOL.CA) - AGM & EGM Decisions
Release from Alexandria Flour Mills (AFMC.CA) Concerning the AGM
Release from Extracted Oils (ZEOT.CA) Concerning the BOD Meeting
Release from Sues Canal Company For Technology Settling (SCTS.CA)