Market Announcements

BPCC - Material Information Disclosure
NRE - Appointing a Financial Chief Officer for NREC KPSC
GFH - Nasdaq Dubai selects GFH for Single Stock Futures Contracts
NRE - Resignation of the Chief Financial Officer from NREC KPSC
SCEM - Conversion of Sukuk to ordinary shares
MAZAYA - Treasury Share Sale/Purchase Request Approval
New Year 2018 Holiday
GCEM - Disclosure from Al Khair National for Stocks & Real Estate CO.
KRE - Material Information Disclosure
CBK - Credit Rating Disclosure
GCEM - suspension of transferring shares to Boursa Kuwait
MAZAYA - Disclosure regarding an unusual trades
GFH - Confirmation on Published Statements by GFH’s CEO
GCEM - Board of Directors Meeting Results
UPAC - Restructuring of the Board of Directors of UPAC
AINS - Interim Financial Information for the period ended 30-09-2017