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Goods and Metals

16 August 10:21 PM Gold loses $7.6 at Friday’s finish    
​​​​​​​Mubasher: Gold ends lower on Friday, gaining 1% for the week.
16 August 11:26 AM Gold to post 3rd weekly gain on trade, growth fears
Mubasher: Gold prices fell on Friday, but they were on course to record their third weekly gain in a row, as safe-haven demand remained supported.
15 August 10:06 PM Gold rises at Thursday’s close   
Mubasher: Gold settles higher on Thursday, marking its highest level since April 2013.
15 August 12:43 PM Gold recovers amid safe-haven sentiment on stock rout
Mubasher: Gold prices received some safe-haven demand earlier on Thursday, recovering following a rout in global equities.
14 August 10:06 PM Gold settles higher on Wednesday  
Mubasher: Gold grew at Wednesday’s settlement, marking the highest level since 2013.
14 August 02:57 PM Gold declines early Wednesday as US delays China tariffs
Mubasher: Gold prices declined earlier on Wednesday after the US delayed the implementation of the tariffs on some Chinese imports, according to Reuters.
13 August 09:55 PM Gold ends down on Tuesday
Mubasher: Gold went down at Tuesday’s finish, as the US dollar strengthened.
13 August 02:34 PM Gold hovers above six-yr high on safe-haven appetite
Mubasher: Gold prices climbed on Tuesday, exceeding their highest level since more than six years, as investors fled to safe-haven assets.
12 August 09:57 PM Gold levels up at Monday’s finish  
Mubasher: Gold grew at Monday’s settlement, amid concerns regarding a global slowdown.
9 August 09:55 PM Gold settles lower on Friday
Mubasher: Gold went down at Friday’s settlement, gaining 3.5% for the week.
9 August 03:09 PM Gold hovers above $1,500 on escalating US-Sino trade feud
Mubasher: Gold was heading for its biggest weekly gain since more than three years on Friday, as it traded above $1,500 per ounce.
8 August 10:31 PM Gold ends $10 lower on Thursday
​​​​​​​Mubasher: Gold settled lower on Thursday, as the trade tensions between China and the US rose.  
8 August 02:04 PM Gold prices could hit $1,600 level – Goldman Sachs  
Mubasher: The yellow metal's breaking the $1,500-per-ounce barrier is merely the beginning of an extended rally.
7 August 10:02 PM Gold breaks above $1,500 at Wednesday’s finish
Mubasher: Gold jumps at Wednesday’s settlement, marking highest level in seven weeks.
7 August 01:34 PM Gold hovers near 6-yr high on stronger safe-haven demand
Mubasher: Gold prices climbed on Wednesday, hitting earlier in the session its highest level since more than six years, with investors fleeing to safety.
6 August 10:02 PM Gold settles higher on Tuesday
​​​​​​​Mubasher: Gold grew at Tuesday’s settlement, marking third successive gain.
6 August 11:52 AM Gold hovers below 6-yr high; trade disputes boost safe-haven demand
Mubasher: Gold traded below its six-year peak on Tuesday amidst higher safe-haven demand resulting from the escalation of a prolonged US-China trade conflict.
5 August 01:41 PM Gold records 6-yr peak on trade, global growth jitters
Mubasher: The trade conflict between the US and China escalated and concerns mounted over a sluggish global economic growth, boosting safe-haven sentiment.
2 August 10:11 PM Gold marks six-year high finish on Friday
Mubasher: Gold surged at Friday’s settlement, recording the highest level in six years.
1 August 10:14 PM Gold falls at Thursday’s finish  
​​​​​​​Mubasher: Gold declined at Thursday’s settlement, while the US dollar weakened.  
31 July 09:47 PM Gold ends Wednesday in red
​​​​​​​Mubasher: Gold settled lower on Wednesday, shortly before the Fed announced a cut on interest rates.
31 July 02:04 PM Gold set for 3rd monthly gain; markets await Fed decision
Mubasher: Gold prices remained steady early on Wednesday, heading for their a third consecutive monthly gain, amid anticipation of a US Federal Reserve rate decision.
30 July 10:01 PM Gold grows at Tuesday’s finish
Mubasher: Gold settled higher on Tuesday, recording third successive daily increase.  
30 July 12:08 PM Gold edges down early Tuesday as dollar hits 2M peak
Mubasher: Gold saw a slight decline earlier on Tuesday as the dollar climbed to a two-month peak, amid anticipation of the Federal Reserve's rate decision.
29 July 12:21 PM Gold stabilises as investors await Fed meeting, US-China trade talks
Mubasher: Gold prices steadied earlier on Monday, as market participants awaited a meeting by the US Federal Reserve later in the week.