Goods and Metals

18 April 10:33 PM Gold ends Thursday in red  
Mubasher: Gold settled lower on Thursday, as the US reported positive retail data.
18 April 01:41 PM Gold hovers near 2019 low as global growth fears fade
Gold prices were near their lowest level since late last year on Thursday as the global economy outlook improves.
17 April 10:45 PM Gold settles lower on Wednesday  
​​​​​​​Mubasher: Gold went down at Wednesday’s settlement, marking its third successive decline.
17 April 02:24 PM Gold hovers near 4M trough; China figures boost risk sentiment
Gold traded near its lowest levels in four months and a half tapped in the last settlement, as appetite for riskier assets was whetted.
16 April 10:19 PM Gold goes down at Tuesday’s settlement
Mubasher: Gold settled lower on Tuesday on strong US dollar, marking its lowest level since 26 December.
16 April 01:19 PM Gold falls as trade optimism boosts risk-taking sentiment
Gold dropped on Tuesday, as risk-taking appetite was fanned by recent positive economic data and signs of progress in US-Sino trade talks.
15 April 11:50 AM Gold slips as slowdown fears fade, equity markets rally
The yellow metal saw a decline as macroeconomic support has whetted investor appetite for riskier assets.
12 April 09:51 PM Gold settles higher on Friday
​​​​​​​Mubasher: Gold rose at Friday’s settlement, ended down for the week.
12 April 11:42 AM Gold rises on weaker dollar, advances towards weekly gain
Gold prices inched up on Friday, rebounding from its largest daily drop in two weeks during the preceding session, Reuters reported.
11 April 09:57 PM Gold ends lower on Thursday  
​​​​​​​Mubasher: Gold went down at Thursday’s settlement, as the US dollar grew, marking its lowest level in a month.
11 April 12:39 PM Gold prices decline on dovish signals
Gold inched lower on Thursday, as economic slowdown concerns were stoked by dovish signals from the US and European central banks.
10 April 10:29 PM Gold goes up at Wednesday’s settlement
Mubasher: Gold settled higher on Wednesday, marking its fourth successive gain.
10 April 01:32 PM Gold hovers near 2-week high on mounting trade tensions
Gold traded on Wednesday near two-week high touched in the prior session, as trade tension between the US and Europe emerged.
9 April 11:48 AM Gold rises Tuesday as dollar declines after soft US data
Gold prices went up on Tuesday, close to more than one-week high hit in the preceding session, as the dollar lost ground.
8 April 12:38 PM Gold touches 1-week peak Monday as dollar weakens
Gold rose on Monday, as the dollar retreated following data showing weaker wage growth in March.
5 April 10:33 PM Gold settles lower on Friday
Mubasher: Gold went down at Friday’s settlement, as US unemployment stabilised during March.    
5 April 12:17 PM Gold falls near 10-week trough ahead of US payroll
Gold prices fell on Friday on hopes of development in the US-China trade dispute and brisk US economic data, Reuters said.
4 April 10:31 PM Gold ends lower on Thursday  
Mubasher: Gold settled lower at Thursday’s settlement, dragged down by a strong US dollar.  
4 April 12:21 PM Gold rises on weaker dollar; focus diverts to US-China talks
Gold prices went up on Thursday as the US dollar traded close to a one-week low hit in the prior session.
3 April 10:20 PM Gold goes down on Wednesday
Mubasher: Gold settled lower on Wednesday despite the decline in the US dollar.   
3 April 02:30 PM Gold stable early Wednesday as dollar weakens
Gold prices stabilised earlier on Wednesday as US dollar retreated, after rebounding from a four-week low in the prior session.
2 April 10:35 PM Gold goes up at Tuesday’s settlement
​​​​​​​Mubasher: Gold settled higher on Tuesday, as US and China reported positive economic data.  
2 April 12:33 PM Gold touches near 3-week trough on waning safe-haven appetite
Gold prices slid to their lowest levels in over three weeks on Tuesday as the yellow metal’s safe-haven appeal faded.
1 April 02:11 PM Global gold demand to hit 4-yr peak in 2019– Report
Global demand for gold will hit its highest level in four years this year.
1 April 01:38 PM Gold dips as global slowdown fears retreat, risk-taking appetite advances
Gold prices fell on Monday as worries over a global slowdown eased, while demand for riskier assets flourished, Reuters reported.