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20 August 04:05 PM Turkish lira sinks on C.bank’s monetary stimulus, geopolitical fears
Mubasher: The Turkish lira hit its weakest level against the US dollar in nearly a month on Tuesday.
20 August 12:53 PM World’s biggest crypto exchange to rival Facebook’s Libra
Mubasher: Binance is planning to cooperate with governments and companies to launch new digital currencies, in competition with Facebook's Libra, Bloomberg reported.
19 August 06:34 PM Fed’s monetary policy seen keeps dollar strong–Commerce Secretary
Mubasher: The US administration is not content with the extent the Federal Reserve's monetary policy was giving a boost to the dollar.
16 August 02:59 PM Euro hits 2-week trough as dollar advances
Mubasher: The euro on Friday dropped against the dollar, hovering below a two-week low, Reuters reported.
8 August 03:24 PM China’s yuan midpoint guidance rate set past 7-per-dollar
Mubasher: China on Thursday reduced its official yuan midpoint below the psychologically important CNY 7-per-dollar level, the lowest level since the global crisis.
5 August 04:50 PM UK pound plunges to 23M trough on heightened Brexit fears
Mubasher: The pound remained subdued amidst mounting risks of a no-deal Brexit as well as the growing possibility of a general election after October deadline.
5 August 04:09 PM Markets brace for all-out currency war as yuan slumps
Mubasher: Asian markets are preparing for a full-blown currency war, after the Chinese yuan plunged beyond the CNY 7-per-dollar level.
29 July 02:20 PM Sterling hits 2-yr on mounting no-deal Brexit jitters
Mubasher: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that the government was “turbo-charging” preparations for leaving the European Union without a transition agreement on 31 October.
25 July 05:10 PM ECB hints more monetary easing; euro hits 2-yr trough
Mubasher: The European Central Bank hinted more easing measures on Thursday, sending the euro to its two-year trough against the US dollar.
22 July 04:36 PM US likely to triumph in ‘cold currency war’ – Pimco
Mubasher: The US would probably win in an escalating “cold currency war,” according to Pacific Investment Management’s (Pimco) global economic advisor Joachim Fels told CNBC.
18 July 07:08 PM US Treasury rules out change to dollar policy
Mubasher: US Treasury Secretary dismissed any change in the dollar policy “as of now,” yet did not exclude the possibility of a policy shift.
18 July 02:56 PM IMF sees US dollar overvalued by 12%
Mubasher: The US dollar was overvalued by 6% to 12%, given the short-term economic fundamentals.
18 July 12:10 PM IMF urges Facebook to address potential risks from Libra
Mubasher: Facebook's proposed crypto coin, Libra, raised questions regarding consumer protection, data privacy and the impact on monetary policy and other issues.
17 July 07:02 PM No-deal Brexit could send sterling to dollar parity–Morgan Stanley
Mubasher: The UK departure from the European Union without a deal, could drag the sterling pound to par with the US dollar.
17 July 02:49 PM Bitcoin hovers below $10,000 as Congress opens fire on cryptos
Mubasher: Bitcoin dropped below $10,000 only three weeks after soaring above that level for the first time in more than a year.
16 July 07:07 PM Trade conflict seen chance to globalise yuan–China C.banker
Mubasher: China could have the opportunity to see its yuan circulated as a global currency, against the backdrop of growing trade tensions.
15 July 06:52 PM All-out currency war cannot be ruled out anymore–Pimco
Mubasher: The possibility of a full-blown currency war, in which central banks devaluate their currencies, can no longer be dismissed, according to Pacific Investment Management.
12 July 05:23 PM Lira drops on anticipated US response to Russian missile delivery
Mubasher: The Turkish lira extended its fall against the US dollar as investors awaited the fallout from Ankara's purchase of a Russian missile-defence system.
4 July 01:19 PM Prominent forecaster expects 6% sterling gain by end-2019
Mubasher: Sterling pound is expected to climb by 6% against the US dollar by the end of the year.
1 July 03:13 PM Turkish lira surges as Trump vows no sanctions on Ankara
Mubasher: Turkish lira rallied against the dollar after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that his US counterpart Donald Trump would not impose sanctions against Ankara.
27 June 01:40 PM Bitcoin's 12% fall on Thursday ends recent rally
Mubasher: Bitcoin dropped 12% on Thursday to around $11,383, after surging earlier in the week to $14,000, its highest level since 18 months.
24 June 02:47 PM Turkish lira jumps as opposition triumphs in Istanbul election
Mubasher: The Turkish lira surged against the US dollar opposition candidate Ekrem İmamoğlu secured a narrow victory in a rerun of mayoral race in Istanbul.
20 June 05:05 PM US dollar’s 8-year strength close to end – Pimco
Mubasher: Pacific Investment Management predicted a close end to an eight-year run of dollar strength, recommending emerging-market currencies as offering some of the best value.
13 June 06:48 PM Lira drops after Turkey refuses to ditch S-400 missile deal
Mubasher: Turkish lira fell by around 1.5% on Thursday after Ankara asserted its willingness to carry ahead with its purchase of Russian missile defence systems.
28 May 11:54 AM Gold prices fall as dollar rebounds  
Mubasher: Gold prices declined during Tuesday’s trades for the first time in four sessions.