Jordan Decapolis Properties (JDPC)

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General Information

Company Name Jordan Decapolis Properties (JDPC)
Company Purpose Jordan Decapolis Properties is a public company, listed on Amman Stock Exchange since April 2007. It operates within the real estate sector focusing on diversified real estate activities. It has subsidiaries operating across Jordan. Jordan Decapolis Properties is based in Amman, Jordan and was established in May 2000.
Company Establish Date 16 May 2000
Financial Year Start First Quarter
  • Ernst and Young - Jordan


  • Al Rashad for Industrial Investments (50.744%)
  • Ten Cities for Investments (39.286%)
  • Hassan Salah Al Din Mahmoud Al Bitar (1.333%)


Nedal Al Sakrat Chairman
Walid Mohamed Jamil El Gamal Deputy Chairman Represents Al Rashad for Industrial Investments
Nidal Hassan Abd Allah Abu Ali Board Members Represents Al Rashad for Industrial Investments
Tariq Abdul Malik Younis Board Members
Mongad Saleh Mohamed Abidat Board Members Represents Ten Cities for Investments


  • Amman Neighborhoods for Hotel Investments Co (100.00%)
  • Jordan Dubai for Property and Land Developing (100.00%)
  • Ahiaa Al Assemma for Specialized Investments (100.00%)
  • Ahiaa Al Assemma for Tourism Investments (100.00%)
  • Eagle International Group for Investments (100.00%)
  • Aman Jordan Decapolis for Tourism Investments (100.00%)
  • Jordan Eye for Resorts Co (100.00%)
  • Capital Neighborhoods for Real Estate Investments Co (100.00%)
  • The Development of Southern Dead Sea for Resorts (70.00%)
  • Amman Neighborhoods for Real Estate Development (62.89%)
  • Madaen Al Shorouq for Investment and Real Estate Development (30.00%)
  • Saraya Aqaba Real Estate Development (1.00%)


Address Amman - Abdali - Center Business Aqarco - PO Box: (950 618) Amman 11195
Phone +962 6 5670744
Fax +962 6 5699513
Contact Person