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Ashur International Bank for Investment (BASH)

Last update: 4 July 04:36 PM market time.
Open 0.43
Previous Close 0.43
High 0.43
Low 0.43
Stock Statistics
Volume 2,000,000
Turnover 860,000.00
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General Information

Company Name Ashur International Bank for Investment (BASH)
Company Purpose Ashur International Bank for Investment (known as: Ashur International Bank) is a public company, listed on Iraq Stock Exchange since November 2007. Ashur International Bank operates within the banking sector. It has 5 subsidiaries operating across Iraq. Ashur International Bank is based in Baghdad, Iraq and was established in April 2005.
Company Establish Date 25 April 2005
Financial Year Start First Quarter
  • Moustafa Fouad Abbas Auditing
  • Firas Ismail Ali and his partner


  • Rafidain Bank (13.28%)
  • Sama El Hoda For General Trading and Contracting Company (9.99%)
  • Hardan Noury Al Hanzal (9.60%)
  • Nour Noury Al Hanzal (9.02%)
  • Mohamed Noury Al Hanzal (9.01%)
  • Wadoud Noury Al Hanzl (8.57%)
  • Omar Wadi Noury (8.0394%)
  • Aya Wadi Noury (7.90%)
  • Awatef Nazem Awad (2.66%)
  • Boushra Besher Sherif (0.10%)
  • Abbas Hady Al Bayati (0.0749%)
  • Atheer Ghassan Al Qadi (0.0663%)
  • Adnan Kanaan Al Galabi (0.0006%)
  • Aliaa Amer Majeed (0.0001%)


Nour Noury Al Hanzal Chairman
Aliaa Amer Majeed Board Members
Safwan Qusay Abdel Halim Board Members
Salwan Hafez Hamid Board Members
Bakr Ibrahim Mahmoud Board Members
Tarek Aly Jassim Board Members
Shaza Abdul Hussein Jabr Board Members


  • Iraqi for Financing Small and Medium Enterprises (20.20%)
  • Iraqi Company for Bank Guarantees (6.50%)
  • Erbil Stock Exchange (2.50%)
  • Amwal for Electronic Banking Services LLC (1.20%)


Address Baghdad, Karadah, Uqba Ebn Nafe’ Square/ District 903- Street 99- Bldg.87
Phone +964 1 7187492
Contact Person Aliaa Amer Majeed