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Mosul Bank for Development and Investment (BMFI)

Last update: 03:54 PM market time.
Open 0.20
Previous Close 0.20
High 0.20
Low 0.20
Stock Statistics
Volume 5,600,000
Turnover 1,120,000.00
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General Information

Company Name Mosul Bank for Development and Investment (BMFI)
Company Purpose Mosul Bank for Development and Investment (known as: Mosul Bank) is a public company, listed on Iraq Stock Exchange since September 2005. Mosul Bank operates within the banking sector. Mosul Bank is based in Mosul, Iraq and was established in August 2001.
Company Establish Date 23 August 2001
Financial Year Start First Quarter
  • Ezz El Din Noury Ismail
  • Haitham Saeed Khidr and his partner


  • Tamkeen Abd Sarhan (9.505%)
  • Qais Abd Al Nabi Mousa (9.1268%)
  • Rafidain Bank (3.7131%)
  • Yakzan Jaffar Bakir (1.1881%)
  • Ready Made Clothes and General Trading Co (0.20%)
  • Qadeer Abdulrahman Abdullah (0.0319%)
  • Hasan Ibrahim Ahmed (0.0009%)
  • Shaker Mahmoud Hussein (0.00%)


Tamkeen Abd Sarhan Chairman
Yakzan Jaffar Bakir Deputy Chairman
Qadeer Abdulrahman Abdullah Managing director
Shaker Mahmoud Hussein Board Members
Qais Abd Al Nabi Mousa Board Members
Hasan Ibrahim Ahmed Board Members


  • Umal Rabieain Brokerage Co (100.00%)
  • Northern Soft Drinks and Mineral Water Co (3.8334%)
  • Al Khazer Road Company for Production, Trade of Building Materials and State Investments Execution General Contracts (3.1154%)
  • Al Wiaam for Financial Investment Co (2.4546%)
  • Tourist Village of Mosul Dam Co (2.2418%)
  • National Household Furniture Industry (1.3935%)
  • National Chemical and Plastic Industries (0.5561%)
  • Al Mosul for Funfairs and Tourist Investment (0.5278%)
  • Al Zawraa Financial Investment PLC (0.4565%)
  • Al Momoura Real Estate Investment Co (0.2164%)
  • Ishtar Hotels (0.0286%)
  • Ashur Hotel (0.0259%)
  • Trans Iraq Bank (0.0227%)
  • National Islamic Bank (0.0132%)
  • Iraq Middle East Investment Bank (0.0091%)
  • Babylon Bank (0.0048%)
  • Gulf Commercial Bank (0.0022%)
  • Baghdad Soft Drinks Co (0.0003%)
  • Amwal for Electronic Banking Services LLC (NA)
  • Hamrin For Technical Bricks Production (NA)
  • Federation of Iraqi Private Banks (NA)
  • Iraqi Company for Bank Guarantees (NA)
  • Iraqi for Financing Small and Medium Enterprises (NA)
  • Nineveh Company for Food Industries (NA)
  • Investment Bank of Iraq (NA)
  • Al Zagharaf For Windows and Plastic Sections (NA)


Address Baghdad, Nidhal St., Near Al-Qasir Al-Abyadh,- General Administration , 1st floor , Baghdad branch building
Phone +964 7 832021412
Contact Person Qadeer Abdulrahman Abdullah