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Al Mansour Bank for Investment (BMNS)

Last update: 14 January 09:55 AM market time.
Open 0.58
Previous Close 0.58
High 0.59
Low 0.58
Stock Statistics
Volume 31,450,000
Turnover 18,450,500.00
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General Information

Company Name Al Mansour Bank for Investment (BMNS)
Company Purpose Al Mansour Bank for Investment (known as: Mansour Bank) is a public company, listed on Iraq Stock Exchange since July 2008. Mansour Bank operates within the banking sector. It has 3 subsidiaries operating across Iraq and Oman, working on hotels, resorts & cruise lines. Mansour Bank is based in Baghdad, Iraq and was established in September 2005.
Company Establish Date 13 September 2005
Financial Year Start First Quarter
  • Tahseen Neema Al Ardy
  • Hassib Kazzem Joweed Office


  • Qatar National Bank QPSC (54.1874%)
  • Nazhat Mohamed Tayeb Taher (5.48%)
  • Mahdy Mohamed Jawad Al Rahim (4.5925%)
  • Essam Abdel Qader Abdel Mohsen (2.90%)
  • Essam Abdulquader Abdulmohsin Al Muhaidib (2.90%)
  • Suleiman Abdel Qader Abdel Mohsen (2.90%)
  • Merchant Bridge Holding Inc. (2.24%)
  • Khaled Musaed Seif El Seif (1.82%)
  • Abdul Aziz Mohamed Mohamed Al Abdul Kader (1.66%)
  • Samy AlSeif (1.51%)
  • Ahmed Nazht Mohamed Taib (1.36%)
  • Adnaan Moussa Al Moussawi (1.34%)
  • Mohamed Mesaad Al Saif (1.32%)
  • Zaid Abdul Sattar Al Boughdady (1.28%)
  • Mohamed Abd Al Sattar Mohamed Al Boughdadi (1.28%)
  • Abdul Aziz Mousa Al Gassany (0.45%)
  • Rand Mahdy Mohamed Jawad Al Rahim (0.0004%)


Mahdy Mohamed Jawad Al Rahim Chairman
Youssef Al Naama Deputy Chairman Represents Qatar National Bank QPSC
Waleed Maurice Halim Abdel Nour Managing director
Abdel Ahad Boutros Toma General Manager
Ahmed Nazht Mohamed Taib Board Members
Adel Ali Al Malki Board Members
Khalid Ahmed Khalifa Al Saada Board Members


  • Investment Bank of Iraq (NA)
  • Gulf Commercial Bank (NA)
  • Al Mansour Melia Hotel (NA)


Address Baghdad-Karrada Kharij-District 925-St.18-Building 140 , P.O.Box:3162 Alwiyah
Phone +964 0 790 1102701
Website www.mbi.iq
Email info@mbi.iq
Contact Person