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Babylon Hotel (HBAY)

Last update: 2 October 10:19 AM market time.
Open 100.00
Previous Close 100.00
High 100.00
Low 100.00
Stock Statistics
Volume 60,000
Turnover 6,000,000.00
All data are 15 minutes late during market session

General Information

Company Name Babylon Hotel (HBAY)
Company Purpose Babylon Hotel (known as: Babel Hotel) is a public company, listed on Iraq Stock Exchange since September 2004. It operates within the consumer services sector focusing on hotels, resorts & cruise lines. Babylon Hotel is based in Baghdad, Iraq and was established in April 1990.
Company Establish Date 10 April 1990
Financial Year Start First Quarter
  • Board of Supreme Audit


  • Tourism Authority - Iraq (38.422%)
  • Tarek Mohamed Ibraheem El Hassan (20.25%)
  • Emad Nour Mfton Al Yasiri (11.846%)
  • Department of Retirement and Social Security of Workers (6.667%)
  • Essam Karim Kazar Al Asdi (6.067%)


Essam Karim Kazar Al Asdi Chairman
Karim Nour Moften Al Yasiri Deputy Chairman
Mahmoud Shaker Jassim Managing director
Mohamed Hadi Mahdi Board Members
Haidar Mohie Abbas Board Members
Zaid Hashem Ali Board Members


  • Al Sadeer Hotel (1.27%)
  • Ishtar Hotel Touristic (1.035%)
  • Palestine Hotel (0.3725%)
  • Commercial Bank of Iraq (0.012%)
  • Basra Hotel (NA)
  • Al Mansouria for Tourism (NA)
  • El Sendbad for Tourism (NA)


Address Baghdad, Jadiriyah, PO Box 5273 Baghdad, Iraq
Phone +964 1 7781964
Fax +964 1 7788542
Contact Person Mahmoud Shaker Jassim