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National Chemical and Plastic Industries (INCP)

Last update: 09:11 AM market time.
Open 2.57
Previous Close 2.57
High 2.58
Low 2.54
Stock Statistics
Volume 17,506,000
Turnover 44,858,360.00
All data are 15 minutes late during market session

General Information

Company Name National Chemical and Plastic Industries (INCP)
Company Purpose National Chemical and Plastic Industries Co (known as: Esfanj) is a public company, listed on Iraq Stock Exchange since June 2004. Esfanj operates within the materials sector focusing on materials. It has 8 subsidiaries operating across Iraq. Esfanj is based in Baghdad, Iraq and was established in October 1962.
Company Establish Date 23 October 1962
Financial Year Start First Quarter


  • Iraqi Land Transport Co (0.0742%)
  • Mohamed Hady Mourad (0.0198%)
  • Elaf Islamic Bank (0.005%)
  • Al Ahlia Insurance Co (0.0046%)
  • Wasfi Salman Kazem (0.004%)
  • Amer Ahmed Mohamed (0.0033%)
  • Gomaa Yassin Hussein (0.0016%)
  • Naser Mohamed Abbas (0.0016%)
  • Monqez Abdulatif Mohamed (0.0001%)


Amer Ahmed Mohamed Chairman
Mohamed Hady Mourad Managing director
Abbas Hussien Hassan General Manager
Gomaa Yassin Hussein Board Members
Wasfi Salman Kazem Board Members
Amer Mashed Kazem Board Members
Abbas Shehab Ahmed Board Members


  • National Household Furniture Industry Co (0.5358%)
  • Iraqi Carton Maufacturers Co (0.48%)
  • National Metallic Industries and Bicycles Co (0.444%)
  • Baghdad Soft Drinks Co (0.1974%)
  • Al Hilal Industrial Co (0.1914%)
  • Iraqi Land Transport Co (0.08%)
  • Light and Mining Industries Co (0.0416%)


Address Zaafaraniya, Industrial Zone, Baghdad, Iraq , P.O.Box :3203 Al Alwiyah
Phone +964 0 7734889279
Contact Person