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City Cement Co (3003)

Last update: 10 August 03:19 PM market time.
Open 17.16
Previous Close 17.16
High 17.20
Low 17.00
Stock Statistics
Volume 562,954
Turnover 9,623,169.26
All data are 15 minutes late during market session

General Information

Company Name City Cement Co (3003)
Company Purpose City Cement is a public company, listed on Saudi Stock Exchange “Tadawul” (TDWL) since October 2012. It operates within the Materials sector focusing on Construction Materials. City Cement is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and was established in June 2005.
Company Establish Date 19 June 2005
Financial Year Start First Quarter
  • Dr Mohamed Al Amri and Co


  • Alabdullatif Holding Group (25.20%)
  • Al Mojel Trading and Contracting Co (2.272%)
  • Omar Bin Hamad Al Mishal (0.5122%)
  • Abdulaziz Bin Mishal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (0.5062%)
  • Mohamed Bin Hikmat Bin Saad Al Din Al Zaim (0.148%)
  • Majed Bin Abdul Rahman Nasser Al Osailan (0.0211%)
  • Saleh Bin Soliman Al Rajhi (0.0001%)
  • Ibrahim Abdullah Ibrahim Al Shaalan (NA)
  • Abdul Aziz Nasser Abdul Aziz Al Dawood (NA)
  • Khalid Abdullmuhsin Abdulrahman Al Khayal (NA)
  • Fahad Abdullah Ibrahim Al Saleh (NA)
  • Abdul Aziz Suleiman Saleh Al Abdul Latif (NA)
  • Shalhoub Saleh Shalhoub El Shalhoub (NA)
  • Mohamed Saif Ahmed Al Daaen (NA)
  • Kolaythem Sultan Mohamed Al Salami (NA)
  • Abdul Aziz Mohamed Saleh Al Dubaikhy (NA)
  • Fahdah Hussein Abdul Rahman Al Athel (NA)
  • Hisham Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Alaskar (NA)
  • Sulaiman bin Saleh bin Abdulaziz Al Rajhi (NA)
  • Ayman Mohamed Abdullah Al Rashed (NA)
  • Abdul Wahab Mohamed Abdul Aziz Al Fayez (NA)
  • Majid Bin Ibrahim Bin Abdulaziz Al Ibrahim (NA)
  • Abdullah Mansour Youssef Al Turki (NA)
  • Nasser Abdullah Mohamed Al Khafrah (NA)
  • Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed Al Khafra (NA)
  • Mubarak Abdullah Mohamed Al Khafrah (NA)
  • Abdul Rahman Ali Abdul Rahman Al Jeraisy (NA)
  • Khaled Mohamed Abdul Aziz Ayaf Al Moqrin Al Saud (NA)
  • Faraj Abdul Rahman Mutlaq Al Sayegh (NA)
  • Abdul Aziz Ali Abdul Aziz Al Rseiny (NA)
  • Abdul Aziz Mohamed Abdul Aziz Al Qasim (NA)
  • Hamdan Sourayia Mohamed Al Sourayia (NA)
  • Thonayan Fahd Thonayan Althonayan (NA)
  • Adel Abdul Aziz Saleh Al Jabreen (NA)
  • Nasir Zeid Nasir Al Razooq (NA)
  • Kaffary Saleh Abdul Rahman Al Kaffary (NA)
  • Mohamed Hammad Abdul Aziz Al Essa (NA)
  • Ahmed Abdullah Ali Al Dawood (NA)
  • Abdullah Hamad Ibrahim Al Mashal (NA)
  • Riad Abdullah Mohamed Al Shaalan (NA)
  • Hekmat Saadeddin Abdulhameed Al Zaeem (NA)
  • Mishal Bin AbdulAziz Abdul Rahman Al Saud (NA)


Abdulaziz Bin Mishal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Chairman
Badr Bin Omar Suleiman Al Abdullatif Deputy Chairman Represents Alabdullatif Holding Group
Omar Bin Hamad Al Mishal Board Members
Majed Bin Abdul Rahman Nasser Al Osailan Board Members
Mohamed Bin Hikmat Bin Saad Al Din Al Zaim Board Members
Saleh Bin Soliman Al Rajhi Board Members
Mohamed Saad Ibrahim Al Moajil Board Members Represents Al Mojel Trading and Contracting Co



Address Olaya Dist, Takhasosi Road, Prestige Center, Building No. 4, P.O.Box 3070, Riyadh 11471
Phone +966 11 5284107
Fax +966 11 5284101
Contact Person Abdulaziz M. Al Suwaidan