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Shatirah House Restaurant Co. (9520)

Last update: 1 November 2023 03:12 PM market time.
Open 10.18
Previous Close 10.00
High 10.20
Low 9.17
Stock Statistics
Volume 55,642
Turnover 553,755.50
All data are 15 minutes late during market session

General Information

Company Name Shatirah House Restaurant Co. (9520)
Company Purpose Shatirah House Restaurant Co. (known as: BURGERIZZR) is a public company, listed on Saudi Stock Exchange “Parallel Market” (NOMU) since September 2021. BURGERIZZR operates within the other Consumer Services sector focusing on Hotels & Leisure Facilities. BURGERIZZR is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and was established in May 2009.
Company Establish Date 23 May 2009
Financial Year Start
  • Dr. Mohamed Al- Amri & Co. Chartered Accountants


  • Mohammed Ali Mohammed Al Ruwaigh (41.2386%)
  • Ali Mohammed Ali Al Ruwaigh (17.857%)
  • Sami bin Mohammed bin Nasser Al Obaied (10.1126%)


Mohammed Ali Mohammed Al Ruwaigh Chairman
Sami bin Mohammed bin Nasser Al Obaied Deputy Chairman
Mohammed Abdulrahman Al Kaoud CEO
Mohammed bin Hassan bin Ibrahim Al Shuhail Board Members
James Christopher Hartenstein Board Members
Zeyad Abdul Latif Ahmed Al Barrak Board Members



Address 405 Al Uyaynah Road, Dhahrat Laban, Riyadh 7277-12562, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone +966 11 5200999
Fax +966 11 5200998
Contact Person Mohammed Abdulaziz Alateeq