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BMW renews partnership with Getac on mobile devices

BMW renews partnership with Getac on mobile devices

Mubasher: The BMW Group has selected Getac, a leading manufacturer of notebooks, tablets, and mobile video system devices, to benefit from its mobile devices and solutions for various applications, including research and development, production, and warehouse logistics as well as workshop diagnostics.

BMW’s selection strengthens the existing partnership between the two companies over the past six years, during which Getac has provided BMW with equipment for its vehicle and application testing, according to a press release by Getac on Tuesday.

President of rugged and video solutions business group at Getac, Rick Hwang, said: "The special challenge when working with the BMW Group is the wide range of application areas the company has, each with specific equipment demands that needed to be met."

Meanwhile, director sales and operations at Getac Technology GmbH, Eric Yeh, added: "This is another great success for us, especially as it is also an acknowledgement of our ongoing efforts to support our customers and meet their expectations in the best possible way."