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Aluminium Bahrain BSC (ALBH)

Last update: 22 April 12:32 PM market time.
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Stock Statistics
Volume 841,805
Turnover 1,071,344.85
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13 February 2020 05:53 PM Alba profits down 91% in 2019
Mubasher: Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) reported a 91% decline in annual profits last year to BHD 5.37 million, compared with BHD 59.75 million for 2018. The board of directors has recommended the distribution of cash dividends to shareholders, which …
Alba’s new production facility is backed by EGA’s DX+ Ultra technology
29 December 2019 00:36 PM EGA completes 1st UAE project to export industrial technology
UAE – Mubasher: Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), a major Emirati industrial company, has completed the country’s first historic industrial technology project to export UAE-developed industrial technology. Through its deal with Aluminium …
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20 November 2019 02:37 PM SABB, HSBC introduce blockchain to KSA, Bahrain
Riyadh – Mubasher: Saudi British Bank (SABB) and HSBC Bahrain have used blockchain technology to finance international trade, for the first time in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. “The move puts Saudi Arabia and Bahrain at the forefront of global trade, …
Alba will release its third quarter 2019 financials on 27 October
15 October 2019 11:10 AM Alba’s acting CEO: “we are set for a strong finish to 2019”
Mubasher: Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) has recorded a growth of 51% year-on-year (YoY) in its sales’ volume of 376,025 metric tonnes (mt) during the third quarter of 2019, versus 248,970 mt over the corresponding period last year. Meanwhile, …
The First Fire of the GT is considered a significant milestone
30 October 2018 05:51 PM Alba expansion project achieves 1st Milestone
Mubasher: Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) has conducted the First Fire of the First H-class General Electric (GE) 9HA Gas Turbine (GT) GE Unit 1 at Power Station 5 (PS 5) on Tuesday, 30 October 2018. The First Fire of the GT is considered a significant …
This deal comes as part of Alba’s Line 6 Expansion project
30 October 2018 02:46 PM Alba inks expansion deal with Italy's Fluorsid
Mubasher: Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) has secured a long-term agreement with the Italian flurochemical company Fluorsid to supply smelter-grade aluminium fluoride, according to a recent statement. This deal comes as part of Alba’s Line 6 Expansion …
SICO is considered one of the premier investment banks in the GCC region
16 October 2017 05:08 PM Alba Q3 profits surge backs Bahraini firms’ financials – SICO
Mubasher: The profits registered by the Bahraini companies are expected to increase by 21%, on an annual basis, during the third quarter of 2017, according to a recent report issued by the Securities & Investment Company (SICO). The report …
Photo Credit: Arabianeye-Reuters
23 April 2017 02:05 PM Alba Q1 profits jump 505%
Mubasher: Alba achieved a leap of 505.2% in profits during the first quarter of 2017, compared to the same period of 2016. The net earning entitled to the shareholders surged to BHD 25.6 million in Q1-17 ($67.42 million) from BHD 4.23 million …
The finance will be used for Line 6 Expansion Project - (Photo Credit: Company Website)
16 April 2017 06:50 PM Alba secures $700m finance facilities
Mubasher: Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) announced on Sunday that it has secured commitments of around $700 million from Export Credit Agency (ECA) supported facilities to finance Line 6 Expansion Project. The finance facilities are made-up of a dual …
Photo Credit: Arabianeye-Reuters
13 April 2017 11:39 AM Alba expects production loss of 3-5%
Mubasher: Alba has expected a loss ranging from 3% to 5% of its overall production for fiscal year 2017, as a result of the recent power outage. On Wednesday, 5 April 2017, the company experienced a power station outage that led to a temporary …
Sales reached 242,930 metric tonnes in Q1-17 - (Photo Credit - Company's Official Facebook Page)
5 April 2017 04:57 PM Alba sales, production rise in Q1-17
Mubasher: Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) reported on Wednesday a sales growth of 4.9% during the first quarter of 2017, compared to the same quarter of the previous year, according to a bourse filling. Sales reached 242,930 metric tonnes in Q1-17, …
Photo Credit: Arabianeye-Reuters
21 March 2017 01:31 PM Alba shareholders nod to FY16 dividends
Mubasher: The ordinary general meeting (OGM) of Alba approved the board’s recommendation of distributing a cash dividend of 21% for fiscal year 2016, according to a bourse filing issued on Tuesday. As of 2 April, Alba will pay 21 fils per share to …
(Photo credit: Arabianeye - Reuters)
27 January 2017 02:04 PM Alba, Inovest to discuss Q4 statements on 9, 12 February
Mubasher: Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) announced that its board will meet on 9 February instead of 15 February. The board will discuss the financial statements of the period ended on 31 December, 2016, according to a bourse filing. The company posted …
The project aims at reducing cash cost by the end of 2017 - (Photo Credit: Company Website)
22 January 2017 02:31 PM Alba launches second phase of Project Titan
Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) announced on Sunday the launch of Phase II of its company-wide, cost reduction programme Project Titan, according to a bourse filing. The project aims at reducing cash cost by $100 per metric tonne of aluminium and step-up …
Alba awards GE contract of power station 5
17 January 2017 02:26 PM Alba awards GE contract of power station 5
Mubasher: Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) said it announced in August 2016 that it has awarded GE and Gama Construction, the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for its power station 5. Under the agreement, GE and Gama Construction …
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16 January 2017 02:22 PM Alba to complete ECA financing for Line 6 project in Q1-17
Mubasher: Aluminum Bahrain (Alba) officially announced in the third quarter’s financial results its aim to complete the Export Credit Agency (ECA) financing for Line 6 expansion project. The company noted that it is planning to finalise Line 6 ECA …
Sales exceeded 974,000 metric tonnes - (Photo Credit: Company Website)
10 January 2017 04:16 PM Alba sales rise 2.3% in 2016
Mubasher: Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) said on Tuesday that its sales volume increased by 2.3% year-on-year in 2016, according to the company’s statement. Sales reached 974,014 metric tonnes, compared to 951,944 metric tonnes (mt) in 2015, the …
Alba Headquarters - Photo Credit: Official Facebook Page
8 January 2017 02:24 PM Alba y/y output higher 1.1% in 2016
Mubasher: Aluminum Bahrain (Alba) revealed that its annual output rose 1.1% year-on-year in 2016 to 971,400 metric tons from 960,600 metric tons, according to a bourse filing on Sunday. Chief Executive Officer, Tim Murray said, “We are proud to be …
Alba profits climb 65% in Q3
13 November 2016 04:41 PM Alba profits climb 65% in Q3
Mubasher: Aluminum Bahrain (Alba) reported an increase of 65% y-o-y to BHD 14.3 million ($38.1 million) in net profits for the third quarter of 2016. The company reported net profits of BHD 8.7 million ($23 million) for the same period of the …
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6 November 2016 05:42 PM Alba launches project to upgrade Reduction Lines 4 and 5
Mubasher: Aluminium Bahrain Company (Alba) inaugurated Reduction Lines 4 and 5 Aluminium Bahrain in September, as part of its commitment to be cost-and-energy efficient. The Project included the redesign and installation of new pot lining that …
The main index shed 0.32%- (Photo credit: Arabianeye - Reuters)
28 October 2016 02:14 PM Bahrain Bourse down 0.32% in week
Mubasher: The Bahrain Bourse's performance retreated during the week, on the back of the commercial bank and service sectors. The main index shed 0.32% or 3.69 points, to close at the level of 1,148.16 points this week. The banks sector dominated …
Alba decided to upsize the loan to $1.5 billion, making it the largest corporate loan in the history of Bahrain -
17 October 2016 01:01 AM Alba closes $1.5bn syndicated loan
Mubasher: Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) announced on Sunday the successful closing for its landmark syndicated term-loan facility, the first tranche of the company’s funding plan for the Line 6 Project. Alba’s original target for the syndicated loan …
Photo credit: Alba
10 October 2016 03:28 PM Alba sales, production volume up in Q3
Mubasher: Aluminium Bahrain Company (Alba) said Monday that it has managed to raise its overall sales and production volume for the second quarter of 2016, despite lower aluminium prices. Sales volume exceeded 246,293 metric tonnes mt in Q3-16, up …
Aluminium Bahrain (Alba)  HQ
8 September 2016 02:02 PM Alba secures $1.5bn syndicated loan
Mubasher: Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) said it secured a commercial loan facility of $1.5 billion to finance line 6 expansion project. Alba had originally planned to raise between $500 million - $750 million but increased the commercial loan facility …
Alba announced awarding Siemens a (PDS) contract (Photo Credit: Arabianeye-Reuters)
31 August 2016 11:13 AM Alba awards Siemens PDS contract
Mubasher: Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) announced awarding Siemens the power distribution system (PDS) contract for Power Station 5 (PS 5). Under the terms of this contract, Siemens will be responsible for the designing, engineering, procurement, …